Novigo offers a top career choice for the best and brightest Professionals in SAP Supply Chain Management. As a people centric business, we know it’s our team that makes us stand out in the market. Here is what you can expect when you join the Novigo Team:

Working with Global Leaders

At Novigo you can go farther and deeper in developing your skills. You have the opportunity to gain solid experiences while working directly with world leading clients on their high impact global supply chain projects. During the process you will discover how leaders really conduct their global business and how technology can enable them for even greater success. You will also discover about yourself, with our help, where your technology, business process and soft skills are strong and where they need further development. And while you deliver project successes as a Member of the Novigo Team, your individual career is unfolding rapidly.

A Community of Great Minds

We work hard on creating a best-in-class environment where Novigo Consultants can thrive. Where they are invited to be a member in our close-nit international Novigo community. It is a learning community where people know each other well, share, support others and have fun together. A community of joint learning and succeeding, an inspirational atmosphere where creativity sparks innovation and teamwork drives success. We share information in all directions - frequently informal and regularly structured, facilitated by our Management's open door policy at all times. We care about you and what you have to say.

Focused Career Development & Training

Career Development at Novigo is aligned along our competency model, consisting of the three Consulting Competencies:

SAP Product Expertise - Supply Chain Business Process skills - Consultant soft skills (see graphic below).

We will set you up for success though our specifically designed training programs in the Novigo Academy. Training and Education is aligned along the 3 competency dimensions and personal performance feedback is organized accordingly in regular feedback and planning sessions with your manager and coach.


A fundamental pillar of enabling our consultant’s success is our on-going commitment to training. We offer Master Degree graduates with hands-on SAP and/or Supply Chain Management focus the opportunity to enter our SAP Trainee Program in our SAP TM Academy. We established the Novigo SAP TM Academy in 2011. Since then we have completed a number of SAP TM Academy training cycles in a multi-month curriculum of SAP TM Product Training, Architecture, Development, Business Process Training, Project Management, Implementation Methodology and various Consultant Soft Skills.

In addition we offer a wide buffet of Training and Education Resources with thousands of self paced On-Line Courses and Literature. Complemented with shadow Customer Engagements, Junior Consultants mature to become capable SAP Supply Chain Consultant Professionals throughout this trainee program. You will be well prepared to tackle the challenges of our customers’ global, high impact Supply Chain Transformation Programs.

As a Novigo Consultant you have a choice in the design of your Career path by setting an emphasis on any of the following:

  • SAP Technology Expert
  • People & Project Manager
  • Application Solutions Designer
  • SAP Development Architect
  • Business Process Thought Leader
  • Enterprise Transformation Consultant


The Novigo Academy will kick start your SAP Transportation Management consulting career by laying a strong foundation and help you understand the business as well as technical aspects of the vastly used SAP module. It enhanced my system knowledge and groomed me to solve day-to-day client issues.


It was an immense opportunity to be a part of the professional training environment and knowledge sharing culture. Novigo Academy led me to learn not only SAP TM module but also many other related SAP modules such as EM, SCM and BW.


Novigo Academy teached SAP TM/EM from square one and gave responsibilities with POC and Demos. Involvements to projects had a splendid impact for enhancing the knowledge, that you gain from the Academy.

Are you hungry and ready to prove yourself? Then don’t hesitate, review our open positions and contact our Talent Management team today.

We also offer various Internship positions throughout the year for Masters candidates with relevant SAP and / or Supply Chain backgrounds. Please contact us for further information.


We know the best people want to work with other best people on challenging project engagements, combining their mind to achieve better results. They want the right balance of support, guidance and freedom, so that they can do even better what they do best, while continuing to develop their career. Novigo’s Career Development recognizes this as a foundation for experienced Consulting Professionals. And as a fast growing, leading organization we can offer you the next level of responsibility when you are ready for it.

Novigo is running the largest number of SAP Transportation Management projects of any 3rd Party Consulting Company worldwide. Therefore we can offer the best choices for SAP SCM Professionals to extend their careers - locally, regionally and globally. In customer facing high impact assignments, our Consultants have the opportunity to tackle nagging problems. Novigo Consultants enable our customers to reach their important business objectives by transforming their current Supply Chain Organizations to the desired future state, leveraging newest SAP technology and Applications.




"Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower."




"At Novigo, we get it right the first time, every time."




"In this dynamic software space, teamwork and knowledge sharing are paramount in delivering value to customers."

On top of Novigo’s learning environment and community spirit, we offer a powerful compensation and benefits package. Great people want recognition for their accomplishments and rewards for outstanding performance - and rightly so. We pay very competitive salaries and award meaningful bonuses. Our benefits package offers rich, affordable choices and Novigo's personnel policies allow for a healthy work-life balance. No wonder our personnel turnover rate is well below the industry average!

Does this resonate with you? Don’t hesitate, review our open positions and make contact with our Talent Management team today.