Novigo’s strongest assets are our professional team and the experience we have gained over the years by maintaining an in-depth focus on supply chain topics. We specialize in improvement programs related to the supply chain within an organization and offer end-to-end consulting solutions in:

  • Organizational assessment and development process
  • Implementation and transformation management
  • Process management

We aim to establish a long-term partnership with our customers through a sustainable and benefits driven consulting approach.



How to achieve business excellence

Novigo promotes a holistic and integrated approach across organizational boundaries in order to identify and address challenges in enterprise transformation initiatives. The strategic purpose and the expected business benefit gained from the change of an organization are factors that drive our approach. Evaluating and redesigning various enabling areas for a continuous and better business result is our core competence.

 organizational development

Developing and cultivating business excellence is a continuous process to develop a resilient organization. Starting with an assessment will help to evaluate and identify best practices but also points to improve. It will define the baseline for a systematical organizational development approach and will set the frame to define the right change initiatives and projects. The whole business excellence process will become worthless if you cannot measure the impact and the link of your improvement projects to your strategy. NOVIGO has applicable and proven tools and processes to initiate and manage a business excellence process.


The Novigo difference – benefits driven consulting approach


We identify the critical components in areas of the business and develop the roadmap with the stakeholder for the upcoming change. Following the roadmap and executing the plan means putting Novigo`s operational excellence into practice by managing projects on a day-to-day basis, tracking progress, mitigating risks, escalating issues, and frequently reporting project progress to the decision making body.

The output of the execution phase is a business readiness assessment, which ensures that critical areas within the business are ready for the change. Before we initiate the benefits realization phase, we make sure that the ownership for the benefits realization is clarified and ready to take over. Novigo supports the benefits realization process according to the benefit realization plan and coaches the leaders and the management team throughout the project life cycle to monitor and set up an improvement process in order to reinforce the new state.


Improving organizational performance

Redesigning, or even reengineering business processes, is an inevitable task in transformation processes. Most of the time, organizations end up with an extensive process evaluation tool by starting with a highly specialized team and over dimensioned process tool software to document the entire enterprise processes. The output of this extensive investment manifests itself in some binders containing process documentation, which is a snapshot of the reality.

Introducing and establishing process management as an instrument for organizational development is a fundamental change process for an organization. Creating the right level of awareness and desire for it, especially on the leadership side for a strong coalition and support, is an inevitable change management delivery at the beginning of such a change initiative.

Aside from extensive experience in managing change initiatives, Novigo also adopts a proven best practices approach to establish a process-driven management team for organizational development and continuous improvement.

process managment


Designing a sustainable supply chain organization has to support multiple influencing factors, which will evolve over time from an organizational perspective, will have an impact on costs and revenues and will differ by industries. But for all in common, such an organization will need to support a growing demand in collaboration in connected, ever changing networks.

Our Supply Chain Innovation Center induces our vision to address customer challenges with an SAP based, standardized and sustainable solution approach. We run design workshops and blueprinting developments always with a reality reflection in a prepared and content rich SAP system environment. Boot-camps and standard education sessions, as well as customer specific product trainings, based on SAP’s Supply Chain Management solution portfolio, establish the foundation for our services.

  • A positive and sustainable learning and education experience is a key success factor for a benefit driven transformation approach. In order to unfold process innovation we are offering education workshops and learning sessions in a holistic approach in order to know, apply and explore solutions along the lines of defined goals and benefits.
  • SAP TM establishes a new, modern platform for transportation management across enterprise boundaries. Due to the complex nature of transport business processes, SAP TM will unfold its full benefits in combination with various enriching technology components and solutions, from either SAP and other 3rd party Ecosystem members in the area of logistics, like map content providers or freight costing services, even for regional markets and requirements.
  • At Novigo we are taking solution design further and accelerate problem solving in close collaboration with our clients, partners and SAP. We are closing application white spaces and integration challenges with a sustainable end-to-end process design in mind, with our Novigo packaged products offering, in order to drive managed innovation based on industry and solution expertise
  • Thinking holistically, we offer Novigo Business Services for Freight Contract Procurement, Carrier on-boarding and Tendering, by leveraging SAP solutions, hosted in our Supply Chain Cloud environment. We are offering complete solutions from loading our customers’ historical business information and structured master data, to establish, implement or even run procurement processes and finally establish awarded contract updates in your operations system.


Innovation sometimes need to be disruptive, but even then, risks shall be evaluated, quantified. Key benefit drivers for the success of process innovation have to be established to accompany the journey from As-Is to Should-Be. This way it is possible to measure the success of a process and solution investment and compare it along defined benefit realization scenario options.

IT driven Innovation from our perspective can be creative, interactive and real in order to become a catalyst for inspiration. At the same time, the principle of enterprise-wide networking and collaborative communication requires a strong foundation and platform to built upon.

SAP Transportation Management addresses all aspects of industry depth, standardized collaboration (integration and mobility) within global enterprises, in order to create financial transparency, logistical visibility and real-time operations in a unique way.

Combining these tools and process support with business content, defined by our Novigo expert team is our recipe and catalyst for successful enterprise transformation. Knowledge and real enablement, system access and conserved industry experience and product enhancements are provided by our Innovation Center.



Enablement is the key theme for our Innovation Center. We offer excellent new employee product trainings in order to provide foundational know-how on SAP’s solution offering in Supply Chain. We also offer enterprise and role specific learning and education experiences (Operations Training), which will be customized for your company, based on your business expectations and configuration, for various user roles, such as transportation planner, dispatcher, costing analysts for example.


Industry knowledge and user centric optimization packaged in our Novigo Product offering. Our Warehouse Billing Solution for Logistic centric profit centers, Carrier Allocation and Collaboration Package or our Mill industry characteristics advancement packages are showcases for added value solutions built on SAP TM’s powerful enhancement concepts.


We offer Rapid Deployment Packages (RDP) by Menu, such as Cost driven planning, which introduces consistently in SAP TM cost calculation, totals and costing KPIs in planning, decision process support and analytical details. Graphical Planning which introduces in the planning cockpit an advanced user experience combined with location capacity levels and analytical KPIs reflecting your business drivers. Characteristics in TM for Mill Product industries such as Steel, Paper, Furniture and building materials integrated with ERP and batches. With Novigo Instant TM we offer a full template with end to end scenarios and pre-configured business content in order to accelerate blue-printing, implementations and proof of concepts. Novigo is also an international reseller partner for HERE's GIS services (formerly known as Nokia/Navteq) and a solution expert partner with SMC3 for LTL rating services in the North American market.


The biggest challenges during blueprinting phases, proof of concepts and sandbox scenarios is the non-availability of a SAP TM landscape, including SAP ERP, SAP EM, SAP PI, Adobe print server, SAP Solution Manager, SAP SCM Optimizer, SAP DAS and SAP EWM. With our cloud based hosting model we are providing Demo and Education Systems, Proof of Concept landscapes, rapid prototyping environments up to production environments only in days.

Education & Seamless Access



Aside from being an IT focused implementation accelerator, Novigo is especially focusing on business enablement, including our enterprise transformation services, our implementation practice and knowledge services. With our Novigo Business Services we are also offering to not only run, but in fact execute your business process, i.e. for Strategic Freight Management. Analyzing your historical information, aligning your key business drivers, preparing and structuring your RFQs, we can run and process your procurement bidding services, provide you analytical insights and then either hand over the landscape for future usage or simply the rates and capacity results into your operational execution and planning system. We provide business consulting services, implementation services and business services for solutions like freight procurement, tendering, and connectivity.


Enterprise software can only unleash its true value for an organization if the software’s implementation matches up organizational goals with supported features and processes while staying in acceptable budgetary constraints. At the core of Novigo’s SAP SCM implementation practice lays a combination of fundamental product and architecture knowledge, a culture of ‘One Team’, and most of all a passion to help customers unleash this desired value through delivery excellence.



Software RFP’s and high-level demonstrations oftentimes are not sufficient to reach a conclusive state of certainty for capital investments such as software purchases – the organizational impact is hard to forecast with such traditional evaluation techniques. Novigo offers a catalogue of services from interactive evaluation workshops to tailored hands-on Proof-of-Concepts in a hosted environment allowing customers to understand more holistically how their requirements are met by SAP SCM applications.

Novigo cares deeply about its customers’ success in their efforts to deploy enterprise software. Before embarking on any implementation project a number of opportunities present itself in order to understand a solution in much more detail. Having software vendors fill out an RFP and even interviewing reference customers, often will tell only half the story. SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) – compared to SAP ERP or SAP SCM – is still a rather young solution and customers have a strong desire to safeguard their investment. Novigo offers a variety of exploration and evaluation tools and techniques, below a select few of them are described in more detail.

Discovery Workshops

A great way to discover a new solution and its fit for your organization is to allow users as well as stakeholders to spend significant time getting to know the vision, function and process support as well as benefit side of a given solution. The difference to classic end-user training is that a Discovery Workshop aims to map customer processes to the solution via brainstorming and white boarding exercises, an overlap to Solution Architecting (insert hyperlink to Architecture and Solution Design).

Novigo is prepared to tailor these workshop to customer needs depending amongst others on audience (business and/or IT), transportation related topics (mode, outsourcing versus insourcing) or background (are you coming from a legacy, manual or 3rd party TMS background?).

Product Demonstrations

One of the most popular paths for customers to select a software solution is to request product demonstrations, often accompanied by lengthy process descriptions and data sheets. NOVIGO since the inception of its TM practice has invested in its demo capabilities, resulting in Novigo's own InstantTM system environment that features a large number of pre-configured transportation scenarios. These pre-configured scenarios serve multiple purposes and can easily be used to deliver custom or standard demonstrations to our potential customers. Delivering world-class demos requires a lot of work, preparation and dedication – please call on Novigo to see SAP Transportation or other SAP SCM solutions in action.


Would you ever buy a car without test-driving it yourself? Most people would answer with ‘rarely’. As Novigo we have been highly successful conducting these test-drives and allowing our customers to touch and feel the solution. What does that mean and how does it work?

Novigo provides the hosted SAP TM environment, meaning that the IT department has no headaches installing the system up-front. Then InstantTM and its pre-configured scenarios are used to rapidly bring scenarios to life with customer specific data. Ultimately the goal of a Proof-of-Concept can best be indirectly described by looking at a list of benefits.

Proof of Concept

Business Case Support

Nowadays, almost every software decision is taken only after stringent business case analysis. Business Cases today without exception today try to tie specific outcomes to a software investment. Novigo with its exploration tools and services wants to support our customer’s Business Case analysis, however this is also only part of the answer. Once the project is underway the even bigger task is to guarantee the successful execution of the Business Case. To find out how Novigo addresses this particular issue, please continue to read about our Enterprise Transformation Practice.


Members of Novigo’s management team have shaped the supply chain execution strategy and product direction in leadership positions at SAP for years. Our desire is not to purely implement a set of software features but to create a scalable and sustainable Solution Design and Architecture that will allow our customers to operate their SAP SCM applications successfully, while also supporting longer term growth strategies.

Once the Exploration and Evaluation phase is finished the real work begins. Enterprise software has become increasingly complex over the years in order to support world-class organizations with feature–rich, scalable and user-friendly solutions.

A common corporate goal is to generally reduce the number of software solutions in-house, very often a reason why SAP wins as a platform vendor. Nevertheless, before embarking on a software project like SAP Transportation Management there are a number of decisions that need to be made to ensure the long-term success of the project. Effective Solution Architecting can be classified into the following aspects.


System Architecture

Understanding the current system infrastructure and any related constraints are an essential part of this task. For most SAP customers it starts with their already existing SAP ERP version and the current Enhancement Pack level that is installed in the so-called Enterprise Core Component (SAP ECC). Untangling the web of SAP solution acronyms, existing legacy systems, interfaces, integration to business partner systems, hardware and operating system pre-requisites and as a result the creation of an IT landscape that is sustainable in the long-term is an essential component of Novigo’s core competency. SAP is also not stopping the innovation train either with the broad release of SAP HANA. HANA not only serves as an analytics engine but at the same time as a fundamental replacement for legacy database systems. Let NOVIGO help you to untangle this web and put your own puzzle together.

Solution Design

In this particular area the task is to map business requirements to the capabilities of the particular software solution. Ensuring a smooth process flow of data across systems like SAP TM, SAP EM, SAP ECC, SAP GTS as well as business partner systems is one very important element here. It is also a known fact that no standard software solution will satisfy every single customer requirement. The answer here certainly can be described as ‘creative use of what is available’ plus the capability to enhance the software without modifying standard code.

SAP TM has a broad range of enhancement capabilities on levels of process flow, function and usability that – if used correctly – can be effectively put to work in order to close that last mile.

Novigo’s strong passion for the SAP TM solution is probably best found in this particular area of Solution Architecting.

Roadmap Considerations

Like in real life one can always wait for the next new version or edition of a particular gadget. At the end however, how many features does one actually use of a brand-new device? Of course something can be said about upgrading an enterprise software package – the amount effort required to safely upgrade certainly always should be considered when choosing the starting version of a particular software project. That of course is primarily covering the IT aspect of the roadmap. More importantly roadmap discussions center on the functional, process and integration enhancements that a new version delivers. Newer versions at the same time often come with a label of being less mature and proven than the older siblings. A careful cost-benefit analysis is necessary to come to a conclusion.

Novigo will always consider roadmap implications when consulting our customers in the preparation of a project – after all we are all about maximizing the Return-on-Investment for our customers.

Long-Term Strategies

Last but not least, strategic goals of a client need to be considered when putting together a Solution footprint. For example freight payment processes often get either insourced or outsourced – when deploying SAP TM such strategies should be considered up-front. This is certainly an example on micro level.

On macro level company wide goals need to be discussed, such as long-term revenue growth goals or regional/global expansion. SAP solutions very often are the solution of choice because they typically guarantee a long-term durability and safe upgrade path.

In summary it can be stated, that Solution Architecting combines different aspects when putting a long-term strategy in place that also ensures short-term success in the initial phases of a SAP TM implementation.


Positioned as a market leader in implementation services with service hubs on 3 continents, Novigo is able to provide tailored implementation teams with functional and technical skills. SAP SCM implementations vary in complexity. Customers can engage Novigo’s template based implementation methodology that has allowed customers to implement SAP Transportation Management in as little as 4 months. Alternatively, Novigo’s comprehensive set of implementation skills currently supports global software projects with cross-functional teams and multi-year rollout plans. Our customers choose their preferred implementation method and Novigo delivers SAP SCM – with passion!

At Novigo our primary goal in this area is to deliver quality implementations in budget and in time. We view ourselves as a holistic system integrator that can offer comprehensive service offerings on many levels. Supported by our Enterprise Transformation and Innovation Center practices (insert links to these sections) all of our employees first complete our Novigo Academy to skill up on important product, industry or other relevant soft skills. The Novigo Academy therefore is the backbone of our Implementation Services practice and is also used for Education offerings to our clients.

Novigo’s implementation approach can best be summarized with the following graphic.


On-Site Delivery Team

Once the scope, timeline, budget and project location(s) are known for a particular project Novigo will provide suggestions how the team that will support our clients on-site shall look like. Naturally the skills selected should be a fit to the identified nature of the project. Important to us as well as our clients is a flexible resource allocation by project phase as well as a balanced mix of senior and junior resources that help to keep the budget under control. Our Engagement Managers will continually discuss the project team’s structure with responsible stakeholders in the project. Novigo’s on-site project team will typically be supported by one of our Solution Architects throughout the project timeline to provide the visionary and executive support that is needed to ensure the success of the project.

Partnership Model

Novigo believes that the success of a project is ultimately tied to the trust that we can develop with our client. From the beginning of the engagement we want to work in a partnership model with our clients. The overall project team should therefore be a blended mix of internal and external resources – we want our customers to take an active role in the project.

This approach also allows for a gradual knowledge transfer to enable the necessary self-sufficiency once the initial implementation reaches its end.

Last but not least regular leadership reviews guarantee that client and Novigo stakeholders can share in project updates and provide the forum to take corrective actions.

Methodologies and Tools (Instant TM)

Novigo works with client’s project management methodology or can provide our own methodologies and tools to support project execution. This topic is also primarily shaped by Novigo’s Enterprise Transformation practice, which takes a holistic look at customer’s organizations.

For a number of years Novigo has invested in its own SAP TM landscape which by now features a long list of pre-configured transportation scenarios. This reference system is always available to our consultants as a backup in customer projects – this reference system is branded Instant TM.

With Instant TM Novigo also takes it a step further – we use this reference system to accelerate the Blueprint phase significantly. It allows us to be much more hands-on in the all-important Blueprint phase instead of falling into the endless requirements gathering trap. This Model-Based Design Methodology during Blueprint enabled us to deploy SAP TM end-to-end in just under 17 weeks. If you have questions about this valuable approach please do not hesitate to contact us.

Novigo Practice Support

No consultant knows everything about an industry or a SAP solution. At Novigo we strongly believe in a team environment where experts help each other out, the community aspect is a core component of our culture.

Large or small project team, our on-site team members will always work with knowledge that a strong back office support is available when the customer calls for it.

This also means that we can supplement project requirements with on-demand skills on very short notice regardless whether they are functional or technical in nature.

Our customer’s success is our mission and Novigo’s implementation practice delivers SAP SCM projects – with passion!



Learning and development are the main drivers for change within organizational flexibility. Enabling people with the necessary skills for completing new tasks and tackling new challenges therefore becomes crucial in the overall implementation, as well in the subsequent benefits realization. Learning requires analysis, design and delivery training. Development is hence an integral part of every change project that Novigo leads. Novigo customizes and develops learning and development units based on the learning objectives and experience levels of the participants. We consider a mix of learning and development instruments (digitized learning/class based training/coaching) for a sustainable skill development. In order to improve learning and development sustainability, Novigo focuses on experiential learning methods, simulation and on the job coaching.