Catching the Wave of Ocean Visibility in Global Supply Chains

One of the busiest trade routes, the Suez Canal, a passageway for approximately 30% of the world’s shipping container volume and 12% of global trade, was blocked by the grounding of a 400-meter-long vessel leaving 369 ships stranded. The heavy backlog of ships that followed obstructed around $9.6 billion worth of trade and forcing others to take a detour around Africa.

On 20th April 2021, we hosted a webinar in association with project44 & SAP on ‘Catch the wave of Ocean Visibility.’ The session witnessed Robin Jaacks, Senior Vice President International Growth, project44; Karl Christian Roediger, Chief Solution Expert for SAP Track & Trace Solutions, SAP; Chris Schwab, Director Supply Chain Management, Novigo as speakers. The discussions were moderated by Dennis Bisschops, Director Supply Chain Management, Novigo.

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Catch the Wave of Ocean Visibility
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When the pandemic had already wreaked havoc in a struggling global logistics ecosystem, the Suez-Canal incident has further constrained global supply chains and the effects of which are continuing to date.

SAP & project44 work together to provide various evolutionary measures to integrate shipment data, status updates & delays in shipments.

Visibility data & geolocation data with SAP Logistics Business Network helps to provide real-time insights. Enabling real-time visibility to predict the accurate expected time of arrival & milestones through geo-tracking will go a long way in building robust supply chain visibility systems for businesses. Thus, supply chain visibility is no longer a luxury but a must-have competitive differentiator.

Real-time ocean visibility has evolved.

SAP Logistics Business Network can help track business processes and inventory in transit to a detailed SKU level. Furthermore, real-time insights and predictive ETAs keep every stakeholder in the supply chain informed of progress and the impact of delays creating robust operational visibility for the business. SAP GTT provides comprehensive overview and event aggregates, graphical milestone visualization, allows real-time geolocation, ETAs and connectivity to visibility providers.

Good data quality is the key to supply chain visibility.

Data quality is essential, and providing clean, structured data for seamless integration in SAP for machine-to-machine communication is required to gain a better insight into what is happening within the supply chain and identify bottlenecks. Advanced data analytics aids in enhanced agility & increased supply chain resilience, thereby assisting informed business decision-making during uncertain times.

Predictive layout for risk mitigation

project44 makes extensive use of prediction algorithms to identify the risks & predict the delay in shipments weeks in advance. SAP & project44 share insights through SAP Logistics Business Network to provide supply chain risk notifications. Big Data analytics, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence play a significant role in identifying bottlenecks & anticipating ETA changes before they occur.

Prescriptive analytics layer for remedial measures

Prescriptive remedies such as reassigning inventory throughout the network to work around the shipment delay can help companies manage supply chain flow. Providing real-time visibility on how the containers are affected helps them make smart decisions from inventory perspectives.

Novigo helps your business embark on a digital transformation with platforms such as SAP LBN, which provide real-time transportation visibility to enhance efficiency, lower costs, and improve planning capabilities. We facilitate supply chain collaboration by innovative partnerships with industry players like SAP & p44 and help you leverage B2B connectivity for real-time shipment visibility. It results in keeping control of transportation processes, support evolution from a reactive to a predictive supply chain & increases customer service level while decreasing cost.

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