3 Major Take-Backs from the SAP Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 Experience Weeks

Novigo recently took part in the SAP Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 Experience Weeks- Building a Resilient and Sustainable Industry. Unprecedented crises across the globe pushed businesses to rethink their supply chain strategies. The companies that overcome the current global crisis are the ones that will be ready for any future disruptions. Technology plays an integral role in ensuring resilience and agility within supply chains. SAP Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 Experience Weeks kickstarted from October 09 and continued till November 30. These Experience Weeks gathered key industry players and professionals to discover the resilience opportunities offered by new solutions and smart technologies in global supply chains. All the online sessions are now available to watch on-demand and can be accessed here.

Watch the replays of the sessions now

Supply Chain Resilience with Novigo

Novigo was a proud sponsor of this event, during which our experts animated two sessions. Reine Dongmo, Senior Consultant, and Alexandra Drobova, Consulting Manager, enriched the audience with experiences of increasing resilience within supply chains.

Reine's session on November 04 focused on INSTANT TM for the intelligent and prepared logistics transformation of SAP S/4HANA. Instant TM is Novigo's packaged solution for Transportation Management in SAP S/4 HANA that enables the digital transformation of the transportation processes for businesses. 

Instant TM
Instant TM

It is an implementation approach based on best practices, adapted to your company's needs, and is trusted guidance on the path to digital innovation in the supply chain. The benefits of Instant TM are numerous, some of which are:

  • 360° view of the scope of your future transformation project
  • Maximizing return on investment with our experience gained from over 50 SAP TM implementations,
  • Accelerated implementation by leveraging best practices.

Alexandra's session on November 05 focused on the new deployment of SAP TM embedded inSAP S/4HANA at our customer Baillie Lumber. The goal of the session was to showcase how taking control of transportation processes can enable supply chain resilience for businesses. The deployment at Baillie Lumber enabled them to take charge of their transportation management by consolidating multiple business units, integrating end-to-end transportation into SAP S/4 HANA CORE, and bringing in visibility through integration with Google Maps for distance and duration calculation along with embedded analytics.

Baillie Lumber Project Objectives
Baillie Lumber Project Objectives

Major Takebacks

As the year 2020 has brought in unprecedented challenges for the supply chains globally across industries, the need for supply chain resilience is increasingly emphasized. The role of technology and innovation is unparallel in bringing about transformation in the global supply chains.

- Only a rapid adoption of technology and digitalization initiatives can support the transition to a resilient future. Having control over your transportation processes guarantees autonomy for businesses to manage their logistics effectively while focusing on their core competence. Transforming your transportation processes can be a significant step ahead in bringing resilience within your supply chains.

- There is also a rising need among enterprises to understand the implications of digital transformations across the industry. This is where the interest to learn through the success stories of other businesses becomes significant. Therefore, Industry Experience weeks such as these enlighten everyone about the industry best practices and how replicating some successful models can also deliver similar results.

- Through participating in events such as the SAP Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 Experience Weeks, we get an opportunity to address burning topics and challenges in the logistics and supply chain industry. It helps us showcase our partnership with SAP and our expertise in the field as a global leader of SAP SCE (TM, EM, LBN & GTT) implementations.

    We at Novigo help our customers ensure supply chain agility and better readiness for the future. We have delivered the most SAP TM Implementation Projects among all SAP Service Partners through our regional subsidiaries in North America, EMEA, Asia, and Australia. Novigo's focus remains on identifying new ways of running smarter supply chains by uncovering the potential in business process improvement, enabled by SAP SCM/TM technology, and delivered by empowered and enabled people. 

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