Transportation Portal - A Supply Chain Collaboration Platform

The onset of the pandemic and the disruption to global supply chain networks have caused a paradigm shift of focus from efficiency to resilience in supply chains. With the unpredictability of disruptions, there is an increased need for flexibility, visibility, and control over processes to build resilient supply chains.

Supply chains are complex networks comprising numerous entities-manufacturers, distributors, 3rd party logistics service providers, warehouses, brokers, and carriers. Therefore, there is an increasing need for better collaboration and seamless exchange of information to create more transparent systems. Organizations need collaborative and unified platforms to share relevant data on the business-to-business ecosystem. The Transportation Portal enables shippers to streamline business processes and provide a seamless communication platform.

The Transportation Portal

The Transportation Portal is an interactive platform with a single entry point for multiple players in a supply chain such as shippers, suppliers, customer service representatives, and carriers to exchange data. The portal helps streamline order management, shipment execution, and collaboration between all participants providing critical freight management analytics.

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Transportation Portal
The Transportation Portal

The Transportation Portal is built using SAP Business Technology Platform integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Conversational AI, powered by SAP S/4HANA, and customized with Google Map, JIRA Service Desk & Microsoft Teams. It can connect Business-to-Business, Business-to-Employee, and Business-to-Customers.

Each business entity can share documents and relevant information through a single digital access. It caters to any type or size of business, including shipper, consignee, supplier, vendor, 3PL, and broker or from small to large organizations.

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The Transportation Portal - A Versatile Solution

The Transportation Portal can enable vendor self-service and promote a standard view of data to empower collaboration, accelerate problem resolution, and improve overall efficiencies. The portal also provides an efficient way to adapt to evolving business ecosystems.

Benefits of Transportation Portal
Benefits of Transportation Portal

Key Features of the Transportation Portal.

  • Transportation Planning & Tendering
    • A Shipper can start planning and create transportation orders
    • Carriers can start tendering the loads
  • Real-time Event Reporting & Track and Trace
    • Carriers can report events such as departure and arrival
    • Customers can track and trace their orders
  • Invoice posting and Dispute Management
    • Transportation documents such as POD can be uploaded
    • Financial Documents such as Invoice can be uploaded, and any dispute can be managed
  • JIRA powered Reporting Tools
    • KPI and performance report can be managed
    • Analysis of transportation management and unexpected events such as delays can be generated
  • Chatbot for Customer Service
    • 24/7 customer service powered by AI

When the global supply chains are evolving and laying increasing emphasis on the need for visibility in processes, the functionalities of the Transportation Portal can help your business accomplish the needed agility and resilience in supply chains. The Transportation Portal can manage your end-to-end transportation processes, enable sharing of relevant & accurate information across the network in real-time. Furthermore, the portal also aids decision-making using robust reporting tools.

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