Industry: Manufacturing

Streamlining Transportation Processes with SAP TM

Challenges & Solutions

  • Eliminating manual planning of orders & EDI communication with carriers
  • Lack of freight settlement integration with finance for accruals and invoice verification
  • Non-reliability of data from legacy TMS systems & accuracy of the rating engine
  • Loading of rates in the legacy TMS systems was labor-intensive
  • Inability to choose the correct parcel service level based on rate and dates
Key Benefits
  • 8% cost reduction based on optimizer-based transportation planning (2019)
  • Based on freight analysis collect, customers could be converted to pre-paid and viceversa
  • Ability to analyze the freight cost of servicing a customer level across various modes and products
  • 100% verification of all carrier invoices & process standardization
  • With SAP TM and SAP EM, reporting/analytics capabilities can now be realized
  • Integration with EWM for warehouse processes and ECC for SD, Logistics, and FI process
  • Ability to measure on-time delivery performance based on EM status posting via EDI 214