Industry: Retail

A Scalable Transportation Management System for Future Business Needs

Challenges & Solutions

  • Reduce Manual Processes
  • Standardize Planning and Execution across all Distribution Centres
  • Streamline orders flow process across SAP TM, NON-SAP WMS Systems, SAP ECC System for Invoice Settlements, HERE to get Distance and Duration
  • Interface SAP TM system with event management
  • Optimize Resource scheduling and utilization
  • Consolidate primary (inbound) and secondary freight (Outbound) together
  • Consolidate external carrier orders by customer
  • Reduce Freight Spend
Key Benefits
  • Reduction of misleading, outdated, and duplicated TCM data
  • Integrated Event Management to provide event tracking and execution monitoring
  • Accurate KPI and delivery reporting
  • Improved visibility of fleet and space utilization
  • Improved route optimization
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Better rate administration
  • Better financial analytics