Industry: Mill Products - Fabricated Metals

Solutions that Save Time and Money

NIBCO inc. is a leading provider of products for commercial, industrial, and institutional construction, as well as supplying residential and irrigation markets. Founded in Northern Indiana, they’ve been under four generations of family leadership and employee ownership.

Challenges & Solutions

But to stay ahead of the evolving supply chain environment, we worked to ensure business processes were consistent across sites, optimized based on weight break cost and distance based cost, instituted quality, efficiency and process improvements, eliminated manual routing guide, and automated the carrier selection process.

Across a 19-week implementation - from kick-off to go-live - we created the proof-of-concept-based implementation approach that successfully integrated with PCMiler and SMC3 solutions. We even added 2 final pilot sites within 9 weeks of go-live to give NIBCO the flexibility they needed elevate their supply chain:

  • Order Management: Delivery-based planning
  • Load optimization
  • Manual planning in collect orders scenarios
  • Carrier Selection based on freight cost, priority, and customer specific rules
  • Custom specific fields for printing and ASN purposes
  • PI for TM-ERP integration
  • Integrate with static version of PCMiler for geocoding, distance, and duration
Key Benefits
  • Increased business by 1.7%
  • Reduced freight spend by 1.3% and hundredweight cost by 3%
  • Shipment planning reduced 2 hours to 15 minutes
  • Increased efficiency in carrier selection and multi-stop shipment creation