Planning Simulator

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The Novigo Planning Simulator is a tool to compare multiple optimizer results with varying tactical business drivers.

The Planning Simulator is a promising replacement to the current transportation proposal feature that may be absent in future releases of the S/4 HANA.

  • The Planning Simulator helps the planner evaluate multiple planning simulations on the same screen
  • The simulations also provide the assigned carrier with actual costs instead of figurative costs used by the current “transportation proposal feature"

The current optimizer only provides the planner with a single solution driven by a single set of planning parameters. There is no single screen to compare multiple solutions with subtle differences in planning parameters.

The Planning Simulator solves this problem by providing multiple results driven by varying planning parameters. For example with the Novigo Planning Simulator, you can compare truck utilization of 80% with a delivery timeframe of 3 days with truck utilization of 70% with a delivery timeframe of 2 days.