The Digital Supply Chain Podcast with Novigo, Tracks and host Tom Raftery.

Originally published on the Digital Supply Chain Podcast here's the latest episode with host Tom Raftery, SAP Innovation Evangelist, Jakub Muus, CEO, Tracks, and Thorsten Schmidt, Vice President IoT & Digital Supply Chain, Novigo. In this episode titled Transportation CO2 Measurement In A Sustainable Supply Chain - A Chat With Tracks And Novigo, listen to the host and speakers discuss the industry's changing perspective towards carbon footprint accountability and the need for measuring shipments' CO2 footprint, down to the individual package level, the value of certified CO2 data, and the growing need to manage these emissions more effectively.

With a new episode published every Monday and Friday, the DSC Podcast discusses thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a resilient and sustainable supply chain with supply chain and Industry 4.0 experts.

We also have an upcoming webinar on Carbon Visibility in a Sustainable Supply Chain: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure on October 27th. In this virtual webinar, we'll be talking about:

  • The role of CO2 measurement in a sustainable supply chain
  • Using sustainability data to improve supply chain decision making
  • The impact of true carbon visibility vs. flawed emissions modeling
  • Growing consumer demand for sustainability & accountability
  • Current and upcoming regulatory & compliance requirements
  • Competitor and marketplace trends & solutions
Carbon Visibility in a Sustainable Supply Chain: You can't Manage what you can't Measure