What is Track SMART Fiori App?

The Track SMART Fiori App is an Event Management solution for transportation activities to track shipments.

Tackle SAP supply chain visibility without any hassle

Get Track SMART. The simple to use application that helps you track your supply chain movements  providing real time data, via mobile, tablets, for all involved parties.

Key Features

  • REAL TIME TRACKING - Track shipment executions in real-time and get their immediate status.
  • USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE - Track shipment executions in real-time and get their immediate status.
  • STOPS OF OPTIMIZED ROUTES - Extract the optimized route information from SAP TM and display the stops in the Track Smart App
  • SMART DEVICE COMPATIBILITY - This app brings the specialized tracking process from desktops to smart devices, which is an hassle-free experience to update data.
  • GOOGLE MAPS INTEGRATION - Navigate with ease using Google Maps inside the Track Smart App. Get accurate arrival time and traffic updates as displayed on Google Maps.

At the Source Destination

  • Paper based documents in the warehouse
  • Out of sequence routes causing delays
  • Non-measurable driver performance


  • Last mile delivery delays due to inadequate live navigation
  • Complexities to provide real-time status updates

Data Integration

  • Discordant systems to aggregate shipment statuses
  • Disruption in real-time insight because of latency
  • Implementation & maintenance effort for electronic communications

At Delivery

  • Paper based Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • No accountability for damaged goods
  • Liability issues caused by delays due to route and vehicle issues

Simplified Access and Use

  • Provide an easy-to-use, simple, and elegant user interface
  • Easily customizable for all user based on the role

Geo-Location Mapping

  • Reduce out-of-route mileage saving money, time, toll and fuel costs
  • Live tracking information along with Geospatial location
  • Optimization of truck fleet

Digital Transformation

  • Eliminate manual processes which are prone to user errors
  • Eliminate day-to-day maintenance, by moving away from Legacy/EDI systems
  • Enable partners to use the app securely


  • Faster dispute resolution by images for damaged deliveries
  • Replace paper documents with digital recording, to avoid information loss