Novigo Carrier Ranking Report

What is Novigo Carrier Ranking Report?

For a shipment order, multiple carrier options available can be sorted using a rank assigned based on cost or other criteria maintained in the transportation lane master data. The Novigo Carrier Ranking Report is developed as a custom SAP FIORI app using carrier ranking data from SAP TM Freight Order to provide actionable insights related to carrier selection and potential cost savings.

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Key Features

  • Supports Domestic & International road transportation scenarios in Outbound and Inbound logistics
  • Compatible with SAP TM 9.X, SAP S/4 HANA (on-premise), SAP LBN
  • Ease of access to Freight Order directly from the report.
  • Downloadable reports in Excel formats for easy distribution and analysis.
  • Data Visualization through multiple options and automatic adjustment of graphs

The carrier offering the best cost is not always selected due to several reasons such as rejection from the carrier itself, user overrides the system assigned carrier choice and master data and lane-setup issues, etc. However, there is an absence of:

Quantifiable report to assess the cost incurred by not awarding freight order to best cost carrier

Monitoring the user who awards the freight order to lower-ranking carriers

Data to evaluate the acceptance/rejection rate of the best cost carrier

TMS products in the market that analyze carrier ranking data at shipment levels

Novigo Carrier Ranking Analytics Report

The Novigo Carrier Ranking Report's insights facilitate analysis of the carrier selection process and help businesses take necessary steps towards process improvement. For instance, if the best cost carrier rejects the load frequently, the business team can focus on rate reduction for the second-best carrier for a specific lane during the next bidding process. The Carrier Ranking Report can perform the following:

Calculates the Delta Amount to assess the incurred cost of awarding to lower-ranked carriers

Monitors trend through monthly data visualization

Identifies users and regions responsible for carrier selection

Provides critical insights based on carrier and mode of transport

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