SAPPHIRE NOW is being held virtually on June 15-19, 2020, including 11 different channels that each will focus on different aspects of the intelligent enterprise. 

Through speaker keynotes, customer stories, product demos, roundtables, and much more, SAPPHIRE NOW is equal parts inspiration and insight. Come discover how to keep moving forward today with timely information so your business can thrive in the future. Once you register, you can select the specific channels you are interested in. There will be new innovations to learn about across all lines of business and industries.

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SAPPHIRE NOW Converge – June 15 also kicks off SAPPHIRE NOW Converge, your online destination for live and on-demand content from SAP.  You can find Novigo and our Video about Instant TM under Supply Chain and Manufacturing (Premieres: June 18). Join SAPPHIRE NOW Converge for a new way to get the latest insights and information from SAP through scheduled and available content throughout the year. Connect with SAP executives, product experts, industry and line-of-business experts, partners, thought leaders, and customers. You’ll be able to view hours of programming, broadcast across multiple channels. Get your questions answered through this exciting new digital platform experience.

SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged – A weekly, free-access video series showcasing conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts who share insights on how we can navigate and manage our lives through the COVID-19 pandemic. Each video is 15–20 minutes in length.

SAPPHIRE NOW Vision – On June 15, SAP CEO Christian Klein will share his vision for a reimagined SAP, were you can learn how to lead your organization in a period of crises and economic recovery.