SAP Yard Logistics

Streamline Yard Processes with SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Yard Logistics has been designed to manage, control and simplify yard processes. It rightly serves as the connecting link between SAP Transportation Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, and SAP ERP.

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SAP Yard Logistics Solution Overview

With SAP Yard Logistics, optimize your yard processes for better resource utilization, planning, visibility, and data insights.

Yard processes are complex, and yard planning activities are often done manually using spreadsheets, leaving room for errors. Also, the back-and-forth communication with carriers degrades operational efficiency.

When integrated with SAP TM and SAP EWM, SAP Yard Logistics can serve as a holistic solution aiding your business with the correct planning, execution, and reporting of all yard operations. Yards with high volume need control and effective monitoring. SAP Yard Logistics and the highly integrative and automated scenarios combined with SAP Transportation Management, Extended Warehouse Management, Logistics Business Network, and Dock Appointment Scheduling provide the needed visibility and control.

As an integrated and all-around yard management solution, SAP Yard Logistics also supports IoT scenarios, such as the use of self-check-in, check-out terminals, control of display boards, assisted driver communication, etc. SAP Yard Logistics is available as an add-on for S/4HANA Enterprise Management or as a stand-alone S/4HANA application connected with S/4HANA Enterprise Management or a legacy ERP system.

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Intelligent Yard Management with Novigo & SAP Yard Logistics

Benefits of SAP Yard Logistics

Features of SAP Yard Logistics

Enhanced Visibility & Efficiency

Seamless Integration

Automation using IoT

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“As a consultant partner Novigo ticked all the boxes in respect to their technical knowledge, ability to integrate with the team, knowledge transfer capability and their ability to stay calm and focused during times of pressure. This played a huge part in the success of our last project together and influenced our decision to re-engage for the 2nd part of our SAP transformation program.”

Nick Sakurmovski

National Solutions and Planning Manager

Coca-Cola European Partners

"SAP Transportation Management has helped streamline our planning process to better control costs and meet our customer service expectations. Our implementation partner Novigo’s ready-to-use implementation template significantly reduced launch time, enabling us to realize benefits at our shipping sites quickly."

Stephen Miller

Transportation Management, Implementation Project Manager


"I had tried to use some of the large multinational SIs, with hundreds of thousands of employees, but quite frankly I didn't get the quality or the quantity or the reliability of resources with TM knowledge that we get from Novigo. Novigo was there throughout the whole process, in the thick of it, in the good times and the bad, and I would have had a revolving door with larger SIs on TM, and I just wasn't going to do that."

Stephen Byers


ACCO Brands

"With SAP solutions, we have significantly improved the visibility and management of our transport activity. They have enabled us to make more-informed decisions to improve efficiencies and optimize our network."

Kris Lancaster

Supply Chain Development Manager

Foodstuffs South Island Limited

"Novigo became part of the team - onsite and invested in our success. They immersed themselves in our day to day, and always with an can-do attitude. They were solution focused, keeping our long-term goals in mind and going above and beyond to solve problems, not to sell us services."

Jeff North

Order Management, Order Scheduling, & Transportation Planning

Steelcase Inc.

"SAP TM replaced proprietary IT applications with a modern standard software that fits perfectly into the system landscape of the RWE Group. Cost advantages thus resulted through existing maintenance and support processes."

Jens Junior

Project Manager


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