Novigo's SAP LBN Uber Freight Connection Demo

In this video, you will see the above broadcast tendering scenario with Uber Freight as one of the carriers.

The new SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) is a management platform where all supply chain players can connect, collaborate, and exchange logistics information to help streamline workflows and increase supply chain efficiency. Through an Uber Freight API integration, we can tap into instant, real-time pricing data and a national network of freight capacity, transforming freight tendering into an intelligent process.

In the Novigo test landscape, we have connected Novigo S/4 HANA 1809 Transportation Management system with LBN. In LBN, we have a shipper tenant and two test carrier tenants setup for testing purposes. Using the LBN shipper tenant access, we invited Novigo test carriers using the discover partners app. Using carrier tenant access, we accepted these requests from the shipper tenant, and the connection is established for testing purposes. Similarly, we sent an invite for the Uber test tenant. Uber manages the LBN Uber tenant (which is connected to Uber's internal test system) and accepted Novigo request. Thus, the connection to the Uber LBN test system is established.

After the connection is successfully set up, the orders are created and planned in S/4 HANA 1809 embedded TM to create Freight orders. Using the correct tendering profile and visibility settings, these orders are communicated via standard XML messages to LBN. Uber instantly responds with a quote amount from their test system via LBN and is received in S/4 HANA TM. On behalf of the test carriers, we logged into the carrier test system and responded to the other 2 RFQs. Once all the responses are received, evaluation of these responses are carried out and the order is awarded to the best carrier (Uber in the demo). Respective award and cancellation messages are sent to LBN and the charges are updated in the charges tab of the Freight Order. These charges can later be used for the freight settlement process.

Uber Freight is in a unique position to help shippers innovate. Uber technology is attuned to market conditions and adapts accordingly to help balance supply and demand in any scenario. By providing these real-time insights and using marketplace technology to distribute capacity, Uber Freight as a logistics partner helps companies fast track their digital operations. With the standard connection of SAP S/4 HANA TM with the Uber system via LBN, all the SAP customers can significantly benefit from this integration. 

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Bimal Subhakumar,
Consulting Manager, Chicago, US

Saruhan Bayten,
SCM/TM Consultant, Chicago, US